The Interview

Maximum recommend number of guests 6-8 for this Escape Room.

As soon as you feel the morning sun on your face, even before you open your eyes, you remember the only thing on the agenda for the day – the interview. While thinking about that, you make a list of things you need before you leave the house. That reminds you, you should leave the house soon, if you want to be on time. If you want to be on time, you need to get up now.
So, you open your eyes, only to find that you’re not in your bed at all.

The sun must be out. Is the night over already? Ah! I must’ve been OUT. Can’t remember the last time I slept like that. Must have to do with all the fun we had last night!. Why can’t I remember exactly what that fun was or what it was for – oh, yes, the interview.


I should get up! Or, maybe a few more minut-no! NO! I have to be on time.
It’s the right thing to do. It’s the professional thing to do. The interview starts BEFORE you enter the room. Bit unfair if you ask me. Just like its unfair I have to leave me cozy bed.
The warmth of the sun feels so nice. I want to just lay her-NO!


I should get up. I want to seem like a professional. I need to be on time.
If I have to hear one more time – ‘get there on time,’ or ‘no one wants a tardy employee,’ I’ll probably lose it. Speaking of, where’s my passport? Oh, yeah and my wallet? What else did I need?! You know what, I should make a list:

  1. The keys
  2. The passport
  3. The wallet
  4. The flight ticket
  5. Erm…there was one more, what was it? You know what, I’ll figure it out later.

For now, let’s do this thing. What was ‘this thing’, again?


Oh, right. For realsies this time, I should get up. I should open my eyes. Even if my bed is so comfortable right now. So…soft. Soft? It should be soft? Why isn’t it soft? I should REALLY open my eyes now. On the count of three:
What? This isn’t my bed. The walls! The Pizza!! That couch isn’t MINE! And why isn’t it on the ground? Why is it floating? Where did that remote-controlled excavator come from? What?
It can’t be!
It has be to a dream. Am I still asleep?
No. NO. NO!


Private Room Packages:

1 person – $100

2 people – $125

3 people – $150

4 people – $180

5 people – $200

6 people – $222

7 people – $230

8 people – $240

9 people – $270

10 people – $280

11 people – $305

12 people – $315

* Once a Private Room is booked any additional guests would be charged at a per person rate. You can calculate the cost by dividing the total paid by the number of guests.


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