Mobile Escape Room NJ

Due to overwhelming demand, we are introducing our Mobile Escape Room which can be set up in almost any venue:


Our challenges consist of Riddles, Physical Puzzles, Motion Sensitive and Touch Responsive Electronics, Alpha Numeric Locks & more!

Our adventures can be themed to your requests. Our riddles, puzzles and mental challenges altered based on the age/level of the group.

Various Escape Room Experiences

Groups Sizes can vary from smaller groups of 4-8 guests up to larger groups of 25-30 guests per Escape Room.

Multiple games can be run simultaneously if needed to accomodate larger groups.


Oriented game like Poison Ivy which offers adults humor and innuendo that is of adult nature. 


Have the Challenges, Riddles and Puzzles relate to subjects at school, general education or specific topics like history, science, math and more, excellent for schools and continuing education centers.

Kids Birthday Party

A truly kids-oriented experience should have specific riddles and challenges that are designed for kids. Although some kids challenges can be used in adults games (are you smarter than a 6th Grader) it should not be done in the reverse.


Have your Escape Room setup with various scare tactics to startle, surprise and shock your guests.


We can offer your Escape Room in any theme you like, some of our most popular are 80’s, Popular Music, Reality TV and many more as well as corporate themed like Environmentally Conscious and The Human Anatomy.

Prices and Contacts

Pricing is $395 per Escape Room, per hour.

Tax, Gratuity and travel charges (when outside of our immediate area) will apply.

For more info please call in at

1-844-ESCAPE-6, Text us at 201-815-1784, Email is at

Schools, Teambuilding Organizations, Hotel's and other interested parties, we do offer our Mobile Game for purchase starting at $4985!

For more Info: 1-844-ESCAPE-6, Text us at 201-815-1784, Email