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We have so much more to make for an awesome night out like: “Minute to Win it” where your group will be split into 2, 3 or 4 teams (if it’s not a private event, you may be playing against another team) and you will compete against each other in some awesome team-building activities and challenges. 

Or Virtual Reality Arcade, where we have a large variety of games to cater to all audiences! Our custom game launcher allows you to switch in an out of games at any time. You don’t have to stick to just one game!

Party Packages
Escape Room & Minutes 2 Win It or Virtual Reality Experience

$60 pp / 2.5 hours event
with Dining $75-$125 pp
add 30 minutes

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Escape Room, Minutes 2 Win It & Virtual Reality Experience

$80 pp / 3.5 hours event
with Dining $95-$150 pp
add 30 minutes

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Add custom dining by selecting your custom menu from our restaurant


Sure that is called “REDEMPTION” and it is awesome. How that works is you must register with us so that we have record of you coming and attempting the Escape (remember if your friend booked it then most likely you didn’t register with us). Then you will be able to go for “Redemption” for 50% off! If you are going with others that haven’t attempted the room before then they will be paying full price. Again please remember, this is all based on making sure you have registered with us so we can access your previous Escape visit and verify it. We keep extensive records however folks forget when they came. So what to do? It’s as easy as going on Facebook and commenting about your visit, howl about us on Yelp, drop by Trip Adviser or go Goo Goo about us on Google Reviews, then let those guys keep track of when you came so you don’t have to. This will allow for us to have an idea of when you came and thus find your initial ESCAPE and offer you your birth right of REDEMPTION!

Parking Info

Click on this link for parking locations in Madison NJ:

Parking Lots Near Escape Room NJ in Madison

We are located at 19 Waverly Lane in Madison New Jersey.  We are in the alley between “ Madison Bagel” and “Golden Cleaners”, which is next door to Madison TV. A few stores down from Crowley Cupcakes & across the street from Chase Bank & the Waverly Restaurant.

There is street parking on Waverly Place as well as a Waverly Lot which enters under the Train Overpass off Green Village Rd. Those areas are both limited to 2-hour parking.

Parking on Maple Ave and Green Village Road are both limited to 4-hour parking and are both only a 2 block walk.

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Please call or Text us at: 1-844-ESCAPE-6

Or send us a message. We will answer you as soon as possible.

We are located at: 19 Waverly Lane Madison, NJ 07940