The Lab at Rosenet Industries

A visiting group of the field’s top prospective scientists (young geniuses) touring the newest state of the art research and development facility at Rosenet Industries.  While on the tour, a lab disaster strikes. A deadly neurological microorganism has been accidentally released into the ventilation system. The contaminant has compromised the entire facility except for the state of the art lab, which has detected the problem and has isolated itself from the rest of the facilities. However the grid has safeguards that will only isolate for 1hr as the toxin slowly leaks into the lab. Being the top members in your field the players are tasked to create a combatant to neutralize the toxin and release it into the ventilation system to reverse the effects of the toxin.  With only 60 minutes the fate of the world rests in their hands.

Pete K.

I’ve heard about these rooms before and have driven by this place for a few months. This week we had 5 members of our work sales team in for an event and tried this out. Well, what a great time we had. It was also very helpful to watch how the team members worked together. 2 of them have been to other escape rooms before with some high tech bells and whistles. It was unanimous that the clever puzzles throughout this one was by far the best. I can’t wait for the other rooms to be ready. I will definitely be back with even family and friends for another night out!

Taylor C.

If I could give this place 10 stars, I would. I have done 8 or 9 escape rooms before with several different companies in NYC, but this blew them all out of the water. The attention to detail, puzzles, and just overall concept were astounding. I was floored at how awesome it was!!! I would highly recommend for just the room experience alone, but the whole thing is made even better by the amazing manager Shane. He’s not only an excellent game master, but is also as excited by escape the rooms as you will be if you aren’t already!!!

Elizabeth N.

You have to try it! This was such a fun time. First experience with an escape room and I really didn’t know what to expect. We did The Lost Cabin…It was me and 5 kids, ages 8, 10, 11, 12 and 13. They had a blast and really got into it..I was amazed at their analytical thinking and frankly I think we did better than if it had been all adults! The place is very nice and well run…Shane is great and made it really enjoyable for us first-timers. We are definitely going back when the second theme room is ready in February! I can see that a bigger group may give you a better chance of finishing, as long as you work together.

Parking Info

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Parking Lots Near Escape Room NJ in Madison

We are located at 19 Waverly Lane in Madison New Jersey.  We are in the alley between “ Madison Bagel” and “Golden Cleaners”, which is next door to Madison TV. A few stores down from Crowley Cupcakes & across the street from Chase Bank & the Waverly Restaurant.

There is street parking on Waverly Place as well as a Waverly Lot which enters under the Train Overpass off Green Village Rd. Those areas are both limited to 2-hour parking.

Parking on Maple Ave and Green Village Road are both limited to 4-hour parking and are both only a 2 block walk.


Only $30 PER TICKET (non-private room game) – the best price for Escape Room activity in NY and NJ area! Private Rooms Packages:

max 2 people

($60 each additional person)

max 3 people

($50 each additional person)

max 4 people

($45 each additional person)

max 6 people

($40 each additional person)

max 8 people

($35 each additional person)

max 10 people

($33 each additional person)

max 12 people

($30 each additional person)

max 14 people

($28 each additional person)

max 16 people

($26 each additional person)

max 18 people

($24 each additional person)

* Once a Private Room is booked any additional guests would be charged at a per person rate. You can calculate the cost by dividing the total paid by the number of guests.


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