Since the dawn of time the quest for everlasting life has escaped man, until Paul Carpentier solved this great mystery. The year is 2059 and Professor Carpentier’s patented “Cryo-freeze” technology has revolutionized how the world thinks about the now possible idea of living for hundreds of years. It is now possible for every man, woman and child to live for centuries..for a price. While your body is frozen, those who elect to “Cryo-freeze” are entered into their own dream world where fantasy becomes their very real reality.  Patients “live” in a world based on their dreams. This black and white dream world is filled with memories of the people and things that matter most to them. There are core 5 dream pillars upon which everyone’s world is built. If a patient’s dream pillars are rearranged or altered, so is their mind. This altered reality can lead to only one thing…complete memory lose.

While there have been very few instances of what is now known as “Memory Burn”, it has occured. If a patient’s dream pillars are altered or placed in the wrong sequence they only have 60 minutes before their brain experiences “Memory Burn” and all of their memories are lost forever.

Horror (scary)

What was that? Are you alone? You’ve heard rumors about a video. As soon as it penetrates your thoughts, a TV that shouldn’t work begins playing. Silent, you try not to move a muscle but can’t help trembling. When a phone begins ringing you’re beckoned to answer, like something is forcing you to. A voice on the other side says “60 minutes” before disconnecting. (Everyone must sign a liability release before entering this room).

Sara Lee Kessler

It was a lot of fun! Required teamwork, brain power and thinking outside the box (the locked box). We escaped the room with just over 2 minutes remaining. Well worth it. And Tony was an excellent game master! We tried the haunted hotel room and will go back again to try another option.

Kalsey Johnston

Both the paintball and Escape room were very good activities and to think it’s all possible in one place! Definitely a recommendation! And the host Tony was also great for the team and we were able to save the city just in time!!!

Erika Barsness Reid

My daughter celebrated her 12th birthday here with her friends and they all had a great time. We were in the Other Side and they almost made it out in time. The puzzles were nice and challenging and the host was excellent. He was very helpful, encouraged the group on how to ask for clues, and made the experience a lot of fun. Definitely want to try the other room.

Parking Info

We are located at 200 Wanaque ave inside Pompton Plaza on the top floor. Please park and enter behind the plaza in our large and free of charge parking lot.  Please use the elevator to get to the top floor when entering from the back parking lot.

If you are entering from the front on Wanaque Ave, please enter through our front door at 200B and walk right up the stairs to the top, then down the hallway.


Only $25 PER TICKET (non-private room game) – the best prices for Escape Room activity in NY & NJ area, backed by 10 years of experience with customer service and satisfaction guaranteed.

Private Room Packages:

1 person – $100

2 people – $125

3 people – $150

4 people – $180

5 people – $200

6 people – $222

7 people – $230

8 people – $240

9 people – $270

10 people – $280

11 people – $305

12 people – $315

13 people – $325

14 people – $340

15 people – $355

16 people – $375

17 people – $390

18 people – $400

Combine your Team Building Activities:

Escape & Minutes 2 Win It – $45 each person

* Once a Private Room is booked any additional guests would be charged at a per person rate. You can calculate the cost by dividing the total paid by the number of guests.


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We are located at: 200 Wanaque Ave., 07442, Pompton Lakes NJ