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19 Waverly Lane Madison, NJ 07940. Phone: (973) 520-8360


You found the tickets, you’ve taken the tour. There’s just one thing left Mr. Wonka needs you to do before you get the keys to factory: you need to heist the first Gobstopper- FROM Mr. Wonka!

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The Lab at Rosenet Industries

A visiting group of the field’s top prospective scientists (young geniuses) touring the newest state of the art research and development facility at Rosenet Industries.  While on the tour, a lab disaster strikes…

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The Ledger: Ed Cooke

It’s 1920, you are an FBI agent. The city has been taken over by the powerful crime boss, Mikey “Two Times” Malone. As the most trusted officers in the bureau, you have been given the assignment to…

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The Lost Cabin: Book of Souls

It was time for a break, some R&R with your group and thus you headed out to the woods for some time away from technology with a peacefully relaxing hike.  Everything was going great until…

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Escape Room NJ Madison: 19 Waverly Lane Madison, NJ 07940, Phone: (973) 520-8360

Escape Room NJ Madison: 7 Waverly Pl, Madison, NJ 07940, USA