Simultaneous Briefcase Bomb/Hacker Escape Competition

This event is perfect for competitive groups and teams. Here we split your group into 2 and then we set you up with the same exact Escape challenge in which you must solve various puzzles, riddles and mental challenges to decipher the information needed for you to stop a bomb and save the restaurant within 60 minutes. You are not only competing against the Bomb but you are also competing against the other team to see which team can succefully complete the challenge first.

This event is held in a restaurant which eliminates anyone’s hesitation or fear of being in a small spaces, getting locked in a space or feeling claustrophobic in a confined space as you are neither locked in, nor confined and have more than enough space, windows and doors to freely move in and out through at will. There is also no physical aspect to be concerned with and there are no physical challenges or requirements at all. Finally there are no dark spaces, nor low light situations thus visibility will always be good.

The teams can be as small as 5 guests on each team and can grow to as large as 25 guests on each team, yes that’s 50 players!

You will have an hour to figure out all the riddles, puzzles and mental challenges which will offer you all the information you need to decipher the instructions and stop the Bomb.

You are welcome to have Food and Beverages, before, after and throughout this event.

K. G.

So much fun! The Game Master Shantae was AWESOME, super nice and passionate about what he does. He definitely gets you amped up and excited to play. The game is alllll about communication and teamwork. It was genuinely a fun challenge. It was a hard room but you can work your way through it. This was my first time doing this and it was only 2 of us and we managed to complete 80% of it so you can definitely do it with a small number of people if need be. We did the lost cabin Book of Souls one. Highly recommend!!! Love love loved it!!

Katie F.

My husband and I went to our first Escape Room challenge with 4 other couples and we ALL had a blast!! While a few of my friends have done something similar they said this was by far the best room. The Host/ Melanie was AWESOME!!! He made this experience over the top. While we didn’t escape, we only had 2 steps to go. We can’t wait to go back when their 2nd room opens.

Suzanne K.

My son wanted to go to Escape Room for his 14th birthday and I was a bit unsure about it. We decided to try it as a 2 person team, just he and I. We had SO MUCH FUN! Unfortunately, we weren’t able to escape (just two clues away) but that hour with my son was probably the most one on one, uninterrupted, positive time we’ve had together in years. We’re already talking about planning a trip when WONKA opens up!

Parking Info

Click on this link for parking locations in Madison NJ:

Parking Lots Near Escape Room NJ in Madison

We are located at 7 Waverly Place in Madison New Jersey.  We are located above Crowley’s Cupcakes & across the street from Chase Bank & the Waverly Restaurant.

There is street parking on Waverly Place as well as a Waverly Lot which enters under the Train Overpass off Green Village Rd. Those areas are both limited to 2-hour parking.

Parking on Maple Ave and Green Village Road are both limited to 4-hour parking and are both only a 2 block walk.


This Escape is only available in a private format and comes in 3 Versions:


which is recommended for players 9 years old and up.


which is recommended for anyone over 15 years old.


this game is recommend for adults (18 years old and over) only and it contains lewd humor with references to sexual situations and anatomy within the riddles and puzzles of the game.

The cost of the event is $50pp, all food and beverages are additional.

As this very unique game is actually 2 Escape Games being played simultaneously in a competitive fashion we require a minimum of 10 guests (5 vs 5)  to play this challenging Escape Game.

Please note you will be asked to arrive 15 minutes early and allow upto 15 minutes as the end for a review as we welcome our players to ask questions about anything that they may have missed or stumbled on.

Tax and gratuity are additional & reservation are always required.

* Once a Private Room is booked any additional guests would be charged at a per person rate. You can calculate the cost by dividing the total paid by the number of guests.


Book Your Escape!

Please call or Text us at: 1-844-ESCAPE-6

Or send us a message. We will answer you as soon as possible.

We are located at: 200 Wanaque Ave., 07442, Pompton Lakes NJ