Escape Room Nj Game


What is this?

A real and completely physical Escape Room experience brought to you through ZOOM technologies. You will be entering a 8,000 square foot private home and racing from room to room trying to save everyone. Prepare to see what it’s like to be on the S.W.A.T. team, see, feel and live everything, communicate your directions and instructions to your team member on sight and guide them to winning right through your Phone, TV, Tablet or Computer!

Who Can Play?

Everyone! Kids, Adults, Families, Friends, Anyone!

We do offer an Adult Only Version which has adult themed riddles, puzzels and mental challenges. Please make sure to request the Adult version and book a minimum of 4 Devices.

How Many Can Play?

There is no limit to how many guests are sharing a device at each remote site. That means a family of 4 can play at home on their Large Screen TV. A Family of 3 can purchase a ticket for 1 Device and play at together on their Computer.  A couple can get a ticket to play together on their tablet. 3 guests can each buy a ticket for each of their devices and play on their individual cell phones. That is 6 remote devices however it is 12 guests playing simultaneously together from the comfort of their own home.

What is the cost and am I paying per person?

$25 per device in shared Escape Games. This means that if you are buying 1 ticket for your device (tablet, computer or phone) and you want to share with your friend, you can kick back on the couch and both share that 1 tablet. However if you each want to play simultaneously then you would each need to purchase a ticket and you will then be able to utilize your own device at the same time and play together.

How much is a Private Escape Game?

$150 which covers the Minimum of 6 Devices for a Private Game. Then take advantage of a discounted $20 per addition devices for any devices beyond the 6 you have booked into your Private Game!

Is there a minimum for an Escape Room?

4 devices are the minimum for an Escape Room.

How long do we get to play?

You will have 60 minutes to successfully Escape the Room, however the whole experience will take 90 minutes.

Is it safe, can I get the COVID-19 Virus?

It is 100% safe and there is no way to get the COVID-19 Virus through this game for any of our remote players.

I still don’t get it….Is it a Video Game?

So we have a fully Virtual & Live game. Not at all like a video game.
Imagine you are on the S.W.A.T. team and a bomb is discovered with only 60 minutes before it detonates.

You are the only one(s) with the knowledge of how to disarm the bomb. However there is no time to get you on sight as you are too far away, so everything must be done virtually through video.

You will direct & instruct your teammate that is on sight as to how to solve riddles, puzzles and various mental challenges so as to get the clues needed to disarm the 4 parts of the bomb. The Pin Pad, the Buttons, the Switches and the Wire Pull.

This game does offer an upgrade in which the actual bomb can be delivered with white latex glove service to a location and the guests at that location will now have an even more immerse experience as they will be the ones utilizing the clues and attempting to physically disarm the bomb.