Hackensack NJ rooms

157A Main St Hackensack, NJ 07601. Phone: 1-844-ESCAPE-6
The Otherside (Scary Version)

What was that? Are you alone? You’ve heard rumors about a video. As soon as it penetrates your thoughts, a TV that shouldn’t work begins playing. Silent, you try not to move a muscle but can’t help trembling…

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The Otherside (Detective Version)

Neither the police, news or scientists have been able to offer any explanation for the odd happenings in Room 999. Spirits, art disappearing, dramatic temperature changes, ghosts, inanimate objects moving, and writing vanishing…

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It is a sound you were never hoping to hear again-your adrenaline starts to rush as the noise of the alert begins to register in your brain. It is a ringtone reserved to signal only one thing…TERROR THREAT…

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Madison NJ rooms

19 Waverly Lane Madison, NJ 07940. Phone: (973) 520-8360
The Lost Cabin: Book of Souls

It was time for a break, some R&R with your group and thus you headed out to the woods for some time away from technology with a peacefully relaxing hike.  Everything was going great until…

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King Arthur's Castle: The Holy Grail

King Arthur is injured and you, his faithful knights must locate the Holy Grail to save him. Merlin was entrusted with hiding it in his magical chamber, unfortunately he is gone on quest and is unreachable…

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Warwick NY rooms

56 Main St Warwick NY. Phone: (973) 520-8360
The Puzzle Cell

Something told you not to stop for lunch in this little town, just a gut feeling….a gut feeling you should have listened to. All you remember is eating, then a bunch of commotion and next…

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Pompton Lakes NJ rooms

200 Wanaque Ave., 07442, Phone: (973) 520-8360

Since the dawn of time the quest for everlasting life has escaped man, until Paul Carpentier solved this great mystery. The year is 2059 and Professor Carpentier’s patented “Cryo-freeze” technology…

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